Bidding Opportunities

Production Well Rehabilitation Project Spanish Springs Valley – Federally Funded – PWP# 2017-257

Glendale Water Treatment Facility Generator Additions – BID# 2018-001

Mogul Booster Pump Station – PWP# WA-2017-231

Mt. Rose Water Treatment Plant Diversion – PWP# WA-2017-224

 —END FISCAL YEAR 2016-2017

TMWA Operations Center Expansion – PWP# WA-2017-201

Utility Billing Inserts – Reprographic Services – BID # 2017-013

Warehouse and Sand Yard Supply Bid Fiscal Year 2017-2018 – BID # 2017-015

Fleet Tire Bid – BID # 2017-014

Generator Additions Purchase – BID # 2017-012

2017-2018 Concrete Replacement Program – BID # 2017-011

Light Crew Truck – BID # 2017-010

Double Diamond Tank 1 Altitude Valve Installation – BID # 2017-008

City of Sparks Unit 3 Water Main Replacement Project – PWP# WA-2017-126

Lightening W Tanks Uranium Removal Media Replacement – BID # 2017-006

D’Andrea #3 Pump Station – PWP# WA-2017-072

Glendale WTF Diesel Generator – BID #2017-005

2016-2017 Tank Improvements – PWP# WA-2017-055

Water Main Replacement Project for G St. & 16th St., Sparks, NV – PWP# WA-2017-049

2016-2017 PRS Rehabilitation and Thomas Creek #2 and Thomas Creek Well Zone Consolidation – PWP# WA-2017-050

Stead Main Replacement Ph. 2 – PWP# WA-2017-040

Terminal Tank PH Adjustment System – PWP# WA-2017-029

Satellite Hills BPS Relocation – PWP# WA-2017-032

Donner Dam Ph 2 Repairs – BID No. 2017-003

Production Well Rehabilitation 2016-2017 – PWP# WA-2017-027

Juniper Hill Road 19″ Main Replacement – PWP# WA-2017-013

Boom Truck Replacement – BID No. 2017-002

Chalk Bluff Improvements Project Part A – Operations Building and Project Part B – UPS Upgrades – PWP# WA-2017-008

2016-2017 Chemical Tank Relining Project – BID No. 2016-026

Sun Valley 4 Pump Station Abandonment and Zone 3 to Zone 4 PRS Addition – BID No. 2016-027

Chalk Bluff Solids Drying Pond 2 – PWP# WA-2016-259

Washoe Forebay Spillway Channel Replacement – PWP# WA-2016-257

E. 2nd St./Glendale Ave. Water System Improvements – PWP# WA-2016-241

Fleish Penstock Replacement – PWP# WA-2016-240

Improvement Plans for Double Diamond Well 3 – PWP# WA-2016-221


Steel Pipe Purchase Advertisement – BID No. 2016-020

Improvement Plans for Facility Drainage Improvements – BID No. 2016-008

Cla-Val Parts for Replacement of Existing Roll Seal Valves – BID No. 2016-018

TMWA Water Main Replacement Project for F St. & 16th St., Sparks, NV – PWP# WA-2016-181

HVAC Maintenance – BID No. 2016-016

Chalk Bluff Solids Handling and Disposal – BID No. 2016-019

Truckee Canyon Water System Expansion (Rebid) – PWP# WA-2016-158

2016 Fiberglass Tank Relining – BID No. 2016-012

Zolezzi PRS & STMGID Well #1 Drain Line Addition – BID No. 2016-013

Fire Hydrant Service Crane Truck – BID No. 2016-011

Fire Hydrant Service Vacuum Truck – BID No. 2016-010

Truckee Canyon Water System Expansion – PWP# WA-2016-094

North Virginia Street – 18″ North Valleys Integration Main – PWP# WA-2016-091

2016 Tank Inspection and Cleaning – BID No. 2016-009

Old Washoe 4 Well – PWP# WA-2016-064

Innovation Drive Well – PWP# WA-2016-040

Fleish Penstock and Highland Inverted Siphon Structural Lining – PWP# WA-2016-038

Production Well Rehabilitation Project for 2015-2016 – PWP# WA-2016-026

Donner Dam Repairs – BID No. 2016-006

North Valleys Integration, Lemon Drive Main Installation – Federally Funded – PWP# WA-2016-011

2015 Pressure Regulator Station Rehabilitations – BID No. 2016-004

2015-2016 Tank Improvements – PWP# WA-2016-007

Production Well Rehab, Inspection, Servicing and Testing 2015-2016 – PWP# WA-2016-008

Bladder-Type Hydropneumatic Tanks for Arrowcreek Drought Response Project – BID No. 2016-003

TMWA Arrowcreek Drought Response – PWP# WA-2015-260

Precast Concrete Vaults and Catch Basins for the Arrowcreek Drought Response Project – BID No. 2016-002

Huffaker PL Well – PWP# WA-2015-249

Pumps, Motors and Pitless Adapters for Arrowcreek Drought Response – Bid No. 2016-001

Floating Cover Maintenance Contract – Bid No. 2015-016

Innovation Well and Army Aviation Well Drilling, Construction, Development and Training – PWP# WA-2015-235

Matterhorn Regulation Station Bypass – Bid No. 2015-017

Fleish Flume Demolition and Tie In – PWP# WA-2015-221


8″ Water Main Replacement for Matterhorn Blvd. – PWP# WA-2015-195

TMWA Verdi Storage Facility Project – PWP# WA-2015-194

4th Street Site Improvements – PWP# WA-2015-187

10-12 Yard Elliptical Dump Bed Dump Truck – Bid No. 2015-012

Heavy Crew Truck Line Body and Accessories installation – Bid No. 2015-013

2014-2015 Light Crew Truck – Bid No. 2015-007

2014-2015 Fleish Flume Rebuild – PWP# WA-2015-065

Heavy Crew Truck Cab and Chassis – Bid No. 2015-005

2014-2015 Tank Improvements – PWP# WA-2015-059

Sutro #2 Pump Station Rebuild – PWP# WA-2015-056

RE-BID Innovation Well Ph 1 Drilling and Construction – PWP# WA-2015-020

RE-BID Innovation Well Ph 2 Developing and Testing – PWP# WA-2015-020 RE-BID

Zoe Lane Water Main – PWP# WA-2015-047

Glendale Water Treatment Plant Filtration Building Leakage Repairs –
PWP# WA-2015-022

Innovation Well Ph 1 – Drilling and Construction – PWP# WA-2015-020

Innovation Well Ph 2 – Developing and Testing – PWP# WA-2015-020

Lumber Purchase Fleish Flume 2014-2015 – Bid No. 2015-003

Summit Ridge PRS Relocation – PWP# WA-2015-009

Verdi Dam Repairs 2014-2015 – PWP# WA-2015-003

Chalk Bluff Solids Handling and Disposal – Bid No. 2015-002

Highland Canal Modifications – PH II – PWP# WA-2014-324

Corporate Accessory Storage Building Addition – PWP# WA-2014-311

Washoe Ditch Bank Stabilization – PWP# WA-2014-321

Highland Reservoir Cover and Liner Replacement Project – PWP# WA-2014-306

Spare Transformer Purchase for Chalk Bluff – Bid No. 2015-001

Verdi Hydroelectrical Plant Electrical Upgrade – PWP# WA-2014-296

Truckee Meadows Water Authority Fleet Tire Bid – Bid No. 2014-021

Liquid Petroleum Gas – Contract No. 1213-004


Spare Transformer Purchase for Chalk Bluff – Bid No. 2014-019

Marsh Avenue Water Main – PWP# WA-2014-230

Truckee Meadows Water Authority Janitorial Services – Bid No. 2014-017

Fleish Tunnel Project – Phase 1 Construction – PWP# WA-2014-184

Fleish Tunnel Project – PWP# WA-2014-184

Robb Pump Station to Pressure Regulating Vault Conversion –
PWP# WA-2014-153

City of Sparks Main Replacements 9th and 10th Streets – PWP# WA-2014-140

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