Water Quality

Water Distribution

The distribution system that delivers high-quality water to your home or business is comprised of more than 1,300 miles of water main pipelines, 93 booster pump stations, 140 pressure regulator stations, 42 storage tanks and two treated water reservoirs.

TMWA's water distribution system needs continual attention and investment to keep an uninterrupted supply of high-quality water flowing to our customers. In our annual planning cycle, aging pipes and facilities in our water system are assessed for rehabilitation. Parts of the distribution system, including underground water mains, are now reaching their useful life of over 50-years-old. Since TMWA was formed in June 2001, approximately $144 million has been spent in replacing many parts of the system. Please read/download our Capital Improvement Plan.

Highland Canal System Renovations

In May 2010, TMWA completed the renovation of our Highland Canal raw water delivery system. This $8 million project will save TMWA over $400,000 a year in energy costs.