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Recommended Tree List

Choose the right tree to ensure the long term health of the tree and of our community forest.


Tree Care Guide

Know how to care for you trees throughout each of our area's four seasons.


Buying A Tree

Learn about the three types of tree stocks and the things to look for in a quality tree.


A Certified Arborist has a level of knowledge about trees and tree care and has passed an exam developed by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Some Certified Arborists have more extensive knowledge from their years of experience working with trees, through continuing education, and through degrees and certifications earned in related fields. Click here to submit a question.

UNR Arboretum

Take the time to experience our Arboretum with one of our tree walks.


Washoe County Parks

Use the interactive map to find a Washoe County Park near you!


Idlewild Park Trees

Take a self-guided walking tour of Reno’s arboretum in Idlewild Park.


Tree ordinances are important for protecting the community forest and public safety. These municipal regulations provide authority over trees, define responsibilities, offer guidance to residents and establish minimum standards for a community’s tree program. Most tree ordinances are focused on publicly-owned trees such as street trees, park trees and trees in public spaces. Learn More

Just about everyone knows what a forest is – a collection of growing trees. “Community forest” is the term used to describe a collection of trees growing in and around an urban or suburban area. It’s the trees that dot our yards, line our streets, and fill our parks with beauty and shade. Technically speaking, a community forest includes all the vegetation growing on both public and private areas in an inhabited place. It includes not only trees, but recognizes shrubs, grasses, flowers, and native vegetation as well.

Community forests are important to an area’s quality of life, they are part of the “urban ecosystem.” Imagine what your neighborhood would be like if there weren’t any trees in it. A healthy community forest is an important part of the environmental and economic vitality of cities and towns across the country.

TMWA's Landscape Guide

Browse a selection of plants that grow well in our climate and see guidance on how to care for your plants.

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Landscaping & Tree Care

Get the tools to form the right plan for your yard to achieve the landscape you desire, while using water responsibly.

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Seasonal Tree Care Guide

Once known as the City of Trembling Leaves, Reno is now losing its tree canopy at an alarming rate. TMWA cares about the trees that help make Reno, Sparks and Washoe County a great place to live and work. Our trees – just like our roads, power lines and other infrastructure – provide many benefits to our quality of life. Trees are a great investment!

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The Tree Benefits Calculator

Calculate the annual economic and ecologic benefits of your trees using this tool developed by Casey Trees and Davey Tree Experts.

Tree Calculator