Aronia species (Chokeberry)

Native to eastern United States and Canada, this shrub tolerates extreme cold, damp soils, heat, wind and drought. It has white flowers that have a pink tinge followed by bright red or black fruit, bitter to the taste (hence its name). This plant is not bothered by rabbits, squirrels nor deer.

  • Arbutifolia (Red Chokeberry) — 10 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide; red berries; vivid red fall color
  • A. ‘Brilliant’ — grows 6 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide; has reddest fall color
  • Melanocarpa (Black Chokeberry) — 6 ft. tall by 10 ft.wide; black berries; red to purple fall color
Category:  Shrubs
Water Use:  Low
Sun Exposure:  Part Shade
Height x Spread:  6 ft. x 6-10 ft.
Native:  No
Color:  White, pink
Bees:  Yes
Birds:  Yes
Butterflies:  No
Cut Flower:  No
Utility Tree:  No
Extra Maintenance:  No
Fall Color:  Yes
Bloom Time:  Spring