Topics & Facts

Water Topics of Interest in our Community is a series of papers designed to provide TMWA customers with information regarding key water issues.  Watch this page for updates as we add topics regularly.

About Responsible Water Use

Facts About Leaks - Can Leaks Really Waste a Lot of Water?
Even a small leak can waste a lot of water. TMWA needs your help to make sure we all use water responsibly.

Growth - The Water You Save is Not Used for Growth
Responsible water use is important for our community. The water we save is used in times of drought and for the benefit of river system health.

Assigned Day Watering
Whether it’s raining in June or dry in December, TMWA always encourages customers to be smart about water. This means watering according weather conditions, using only the water your yard needs and avoiding waste.

About TMWA

TMWA - What is Truckee Meadows Water Authority?
Learn more about the municipal water utility that serves 85% of the water customers in Reno, Sparks and Washoe County. Read about how we treat, store and distribute water.

Out-of-State Vendors
Using out-of-state vendors saves TMWA customers money and provides better customer service.

Public Input - TMWA Seeks Customer Opinion
As a customer, here's how you can be part of TMWA's decision-making process.

Standing Advisory Committee
TMWA's oversight committee reviews rate proposals, budgets and other items, providing important feedback to TMWA's Board of Directors.

Water Rates - How Does TMWA Determine My Water Rates?
TMWA strives for rates that are equitable and based on cost of service studies. We welcome and encourage public participation in the process.

About TMWA's Water System

Hydroelectric Power Plants
TMWA's hydroelectric plants are a significant source of clean, renewable energy.

What is the Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA)?
TROA provides for more efficient use of available reservoir storage and allows users to time the releases of water to meet modern-day demands, including the municipal water needs of Reno and Sparks. TROA also allows TMWA to accumulate and carry over stored water through multiple drought years that will, over time, significantly increase the amount of drought reserves TMWA had prior to implementation of the agreement.

Water Quality - How Clean is TMWA Water?
Providing safe, reliable, high-quality water to the community is our top priority here at TMWA.

Water Rights
What is a water right? How is water acquired for new projects? Why does TMWA need water rights? This topic paper has the answers to all of these questions and more.

Recharge Program - Why Does TMWA Store Water Underground?
TMWA carefully manages water resources including underground water storage in our region's aquifer.

About the Region and its Water Supply

Drought Plan - TMWA Protects Community Against Drought
Learn all about drought and what TMWA does to plan for one.

Importation - Who Develops New Water Projects and Importation Projects?
TMWA provides water to our community, but it is the local governments (Reno, Sparks and Washoe County) who ultimately set the community's direction on growth.

Truckee River Fund - Facts About the Truckee River Fund
The TRF matches funds on projects devoted to protecting the Truckee River, our region's primary water source. Please visit for more information including currently funded projects.

Truckee River Users - Who Uses the Truckee River?
The Truckee River winds from Lake Tahoe through California, back to Nevada and terminates at Pyramid Lake. There are many users on the river system -- read about them in this topic paper.

WRWC - What is the Western Regional Water Commission?
The WRWC oversees regional water resource planning for southern Washoe County including oversight to the Northern Nevada Regional Water Planning Commission (NNWPC).