TMWA Well Mitigation Program | Truckee Meadows Water Authority

Mt. Rose-Galena Fan
Domestic Well Mitigation Program

The Mt. Rose-Galena Fan Domestic Well Mitigation Program was initially created by Washoe County to address unreasonable adverse impacts to private domestic wells related to pumping of municipal wells in the Mt. Rose Highway and Callahan Road area of Southwest Washoe County.  With the merger of Washoe County Department of Water Resources Water Utility into the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA), effective January 1, 2015, TMWA has assumed responsibility for continuing this program into the future.  Details of the program can be found in TMWA Rule 10.

Mitigation provided through the Program falls primarily into two categories:

  1.  If TMWA water service is reasonably available, the mitigation will consist of a waiver of "connection charges" for a new water service connection.
  2.  If water service is not reasonably available to the property, the mitigation will consist of a reimbursement to the property owner for certain expenses incurred to deepen the existing well by 150 feet.

A map of the Program Area boundary can be found here: (view map). If you own property within this boundary that was served by a private domestic well before July 1, 2011 and believe that your well has been adversely impacted by municipal groundwater pumping, you may wish to apply to TMWA for mitigation benefits under the program. Click here to submit application.

Steps for Application and Approval of Mitigation Agreement:

  1. Fill out and submit application to TMWA Project Coordinator.
  2. TMWA will review application and determine eligibility for the program.
  3. If eligible, we will prepare a Mitigation Agreement for your signature that describes the mitigation you are entitled to under the Program.  We will then record the Agreement at the Washoe County Recorder’s Office.

Steps for Obtaining Mitigation:

  1. Notify TMWA that you need to deepen your well or connect to the TMWA water system.
  2. TMWA will make a final determination of the type of mitigation based on the availability of water service to your property.