Truckee Meadows Water Authority Procurement Services

The Purchasing and Contracts department is responsible for procuring supplies, materials, and services for TMWA. We strive to create an effective, transparent, legal, and efficient purchasing process while fostering competition amongst vendors and providing cost savings for TMWA through competitive bidding and contract administration. We are committed to providing the necessary resources to support TMWA’s vision of delivering exceptional, customer-focused water services to the Truckee Meadows.

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Bidding Opportunities

TMWA utilizes the Nevada Government Electronic Marketplace (NGEM), an electronic bidding platform, to facilitate competitive bidding as required by NRS 332 and 338 purchasing by local governments. Vendors are encouraged to register to receive solicitation notices by email and obtain access to online solicitations. There are no fees to register and/or participate in NGEM.

NGEM Login Link NGEM New User Registration Link

Insurance Requirements

TMWA may require minimum insurance coverages for certain services. The requirements below are a guideline and may be adjusted depending on the nature of services to be provided. Contact the Purchasing department for questions regarding these coverages and limits.

TMWA Minimum Insurance Requirements Link

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I do business with TMWA?  

A – If you are interested in providing goods or services to TMWA please submit any promotional materials you have to TMWA Purchasing by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab above.

Q – Is TMWA Tax Exempt?

A – Yes, as a public agency, TMWA is a tax-exempt organization.

Q – How do I bid on a TMWA project?

A – TMWA utilizes the Nevada Government eMarketplace (NGEM), an electronic bidding platform, to facilitate competitive bidding as required by NRS 332 and 338 purchasing by local governments. If you are interested in bidding on any TMWA projects, please click on the “Bidding Opportunities” tab above for links to NGEM. Here you will be able to login as a current user or register as a new user to view current bid opportunities.

Q – Are background checks required for all TMWA work?

A – TMWA’s infrastructure is critical to the health and safety of our community and therefore certain security requirements are required for Vendors to access our facilities. Depending on the nature of the work being performed and access requirements, vendors may be subject to background checks. Reach out to the purchasing department by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab above for further clarification.

Q – What are TMWA’s standard payment terms?

A – Undisputed invoices will be paid within 30 days of the date that TMWA receives a complete and approved invoice.

More Information

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Terms and Conditions

TMWA’s standard terms, conditions and warranties governing the purchase of goods apply to this Purchase Order (PO) unless an existing Master Service Agreement or Specific Contract is in place between TMWA and the PO recipient, or if it’s noted on the purchase order that Federal Terms and Conditions apply.

Click the appropriate link below to view the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Purchase Order you’ve received.

Terms and Conditions LinkStandard terms, conditions, and warranties governing a purchase order for goods and services.

Federal Terms and Conditions LinkTMWA adheres to these Federal Terms and Conditions when all or part of a project has federal funding. The issuance by TMWA and acceptance of a PO by vendor for the goods/services indicated imply consent and acceptance of the Federal Terms and Conditions as well