Truckee Meadows Water Authority prepares for the future through three robust planning areas that analyze the utility’s water resources, infrastructure and funding needs. By evaluating future scenarios, the plans determine the resource sustainability, infrastructure investment and funding approach needed to ensure reliable delivery of water for the long-term.

The Water Resource Plan (WRP) provides a present-day status update and future outlook regarding TMWA’s water resources for the next 20 years.


The WRP reflects future scenarios regarding variation in the water supply, population growth, climate change and the ways people use water.


The WRP is updated every 5 years and helps inform updates to the Water Facilities Plan in order to best manage TMWA’s water supply.

For full detail, visit the most recent Water Resource Plan.

The Water Facilities Plan (WFP) is a top-to-bottom analysis of TMWA’s infrastructure, with recommendations to ensure reliable high-quality water distribution for the next 20 years.


The WFP examines TMWA’s current infrastructure to determine how much new production, storage or transmission capacity is required to meet the needs of growth or to maintain service levels for existing customers.


The WFP is updated every five years and help inform infrastructure investment and prioritization.

See the most recent here.

Through the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan, TMWA is continually monitoring and making key determinations regarding funding needed for utility operations and projected capital improvements.


Through an analysis of capital improvements, infrastructure needs, operational costs and debt service, these plans are used to address overall spending and identifies funding options for TMWA’s Board of Directors to consider.


By the end of every fiscal year (June) the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is reviewed an external auditor and by the Board of Directors.  Every years TMWA also updates its Capital Improvement Plan, which projects needed funding of capital spending for the next five years.

See all of TMWA’s financial reporting and policy directives here.

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