Eriogonum umbellatum (Sulfur Flowered Buckwheat)

This native plant will form a 3 ft. wide mat when grown in full sun, gritty well-drained soil, and watered once every 7-10 days. It bears creamy to pale yellow clusters of flowers that will take on a red tinge with age. The bloom lasts over a period of 4-6 weeks beginning in July. This plant is not bothered by rabbits, squirrels nor deer.

Category: Perennial
Water Use: Very Low
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Height x Spread: N/A
Native: Yes
Color: Yellow
Bees: Yes
Birds: No
Butterflies: No
Cut Flower: No
Utility Tree: No
Extra Maintenance: No
Soil: Salt-tolerant
Fall Color: No
Bloom Time: Summer