Spiraea species (Spiraea)

Spiraea are deciduous shrubs that adapt well to many garden locations, from full sun to partial shade. All prefer well-drained soil, watering once to twice weekly and yearly pruning after flowering. Not bothered by rabbits, squirrels nor deer.

  • S. x bumalda — all varieties of bumalda are 2-4 ft. tall by 4-8 ft. wide; bronze young leaves; dark pink flowers
  • S. b. ‘Anthony Waterer’ — maroon tinged leaves; dark pink flowers
  • S. b. ‘Crispa’ — twisted, serrated leaves; pink flowers from June-July
  • S. b. ‘Froebelii’ — taller (3-4 ft.) with rose red flowers
  • S. b. ‘Goldflame’ — bronze-red young leaves, turning bright yellow then mid-green, then orange, red and yellow in fall; dark pink flowers
  • S. b. ‘Limemound’ — very dwarf; lime green foliage; pink flowers; orange-red fall color
  • S. japonica — 4 ft. tall by 4 ft. wide; pinkish red flowers
  • S. j. ‘Alpina’ — 2 ft. tall by 3 ft. wide; pink flowers in summer
  • S. j. ‘Little Princess’ — 20 in. tall by 3 ft. wide; rose red flowers
  • S. j. ‘Shirobana’ — 3 ft. tall by 3 ft. wide; white, pink and red flowers on same plant
  • S. x vanhouttei — 8 ft. tall by 10 ft. wide; large fountain-like branches that curve to the ground; white flowers from April-May
Category:  Shrubs
Water Use:  Moderate
Sun Exposure:  Part Shade
Height x Spread:  20 in. - 8 ft. x 3-10 ft.
Native:  No
Color:  Pink, white, orange, red, green
Bees:  Yes
Birds:  No
Butterflies:  No
Cut Flower:  No
Utility Tree:  No
Extra Maintenance:  Yes
Soil:  N/A
Fall Color:  No
Bloom Time:  Spring, summer