Water Rates

TMWA's Board of Directors sets the Authority's water rates. Visit the links below to view and print individual rate schedules, fee schedules, and other charges schedules. Or use the image link to the right to view and print our complete rate schedule that folds.

NOTE: As of October 1, 2015, all remaining flat rate customers with a meter installed will be billed at a metered rate.

Domestic Water Rates
Residential Metered Service (RMWS)
Small Unit Flat Rate Service (SUFR)

Multiple-unit Residential Metered Service (MMWS)
Multiple-unit Residential Flat Rate Service (MRFS)
Multiple-unit Residential & Irrigation Service (MRIS)

Metered Irrigation Service (MIS)
General Metered Water Service (GMWS)

Former STMGID Rates and Charges (FRMSGID)
Former Washoe County Water Utility Rates and Charges (FRMWC)

Other Water Rates
Fire Protection Service (FPS)
Non-potable Service (NPS)
Interruptible Service (IWS)
Ditch Irrigation Service (DIS)
Interruptible Large Volume Nonpotable Service Rates and Charges (ILVNPS)

Wholesale Water Rates
Large Volume Resale Service (LVS)
Firm Standby & Partial Requirements (FSPR)

Charges & Fees
Other Charges (OC)
Service Charges (SC)

New Construction Fees
Business Service Fees (BSF)
Water System Facility Charges (WSF)