Wingfield Springs

Wingfield Springs Sample Data

Sample Data for the four most recent quarters:
MCL or range2nd Quarter 20241st Quarter 20244th Quarter 20233rd Quarter 2023
Turbidityless than 1.0 NTU0.08 NTU0.11 NTU0.13 NTU0.17 NTU
pH6.5 to
Chlorine Residual0.2 mg/L to 1.5 mg/L0.96 mg/L (ppm)1.18 mg/L (ppm)0.35 mg/L (ppm)1.05 mg/L (ppm)
HardnessNo standard70 mg/L or 4.1 gpg (grains per gallon)43 mg/L or 2.5 gpg (grains per gallon)149 mg/L or 8.7 gpg (grains per gallon)54 mg/L or 3.2 gpg (grains per gallon)
Arsenic (running annual average)10 ug/L1.42 ug/L (ppb)1.00 ug/L (ppb)0.94 ug/L (ppb)0.38 ug/L (ppb)


Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) assumes no liability in providing this water quality information. The sample results provided do not imply that each home within a specific zone has the same water quality as indicated here. The sample results for each zone are for informational purposes only.

Water quality constituents change daily as well as seasonally.

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