HEM Consulting, LLC was contracted by the Farr West Engineering to conduct a geotechnical investigation for the proposed Improvement Plans for the Big Knob Booster Pump Station (Project).   Test pits and general geotechnical exploration were undertaken by HEM in order to complete and provide a constructability report for the Project.   The report entitled, “Limited Geotechnical Investigation and Report Proposed Big Knob Booster Pump Station in Sun Valley, Nevada” dated June 8, 2016 (The Report) has been posted on the TMWA website for informational purposes only. It is provided without representation or warranty of any kind by TMWA with respect to its accuracy or completeness.   The Report is not intended to, and shall not be relied upon, as a substitute for, or a supplement to, the independent investigation of site conditions by the Bidder.  The Report is not part of the Contract Documents, and the provisions of Section 2.11 of the General Conditions apply to any use of such report.  No conclusions or interpretations based on the information contained in The Report will relieve the Contractor from fulfilling its obligations under the Contract Documents.

Limited Geotechnical Report for the Big Knob Booster Pump Station, June 8, 2017