New Business Process

New Business Application Requirements

New applicants must submit a New Business Application to a Project Coordinator (PC). Appointments are encouraged because PC’s may have other appointments or field work. Walk-in appointments may be required to wait for a PC to become available. The PC assigned to an applicant’s project will be the applicant’s point of contact and is responsible for facilitating their application. Submittal requirements for each type of service installation are listed on page three of the application, together with the initial engineering submittal review fees.

Water Utility Designs

Water Utility designs (W-1’s) on TMWA Drawing templates are required as part of the submittal package. Once all the necessary items are submitted; water rights, engineering and right-of-way begin the review process simultaneously on the applicant’s project. Partial submittals will be returned. Other helpful external links that may assist new applicants in obtaining additional permits:

Engineering & Resources

The engineering and resource review is a multi-level process. Some customers, depending on the type of service requested, may be omitted from specific steps. These steps include:

Applicant’s water rights may need to be dedicated. Associated costs may include:

  • Purchase of water rights
  • Water meter retrofit contribution fund
  • Will-serve documentation preparation fees

The initial water utility design will be reviewed, with red-lines being returned to an applicant’s engineer for revision.

After the revisions are completed and subsequently re-reviewed, the project’s approved water utility design drawings will be:

Approved by TMWA Engineering and a Water Service Agreement (WSA) will be issued to the applicant, or Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Compliance will be submitted to the health authority for review and approval. Once subsequently approved by TMWA engineering, a WSA will be issued.

Once the WSA is executed, addresses provided, fees paid and water rights and right-of-way satisfied, a pre-construction meeting may be scheduled.

Schedule Your Meeting

Pre-construction meetings are required for all projects. An applicant’s assigned TMWA PC will schedule, facilitate and conduct the pre-construction meeting. Attendees should include the applicant, the applicant's engineer, a Nevada State Contractors Board licensed contractor (General A or A-19),  a TMWA PC, inspector, engineer, and backflow administrator.

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Construction & Inspection

Applicants must contact TMWA’s PC 48 hours prior to commencement of the water facility construction and provide the work order number (WO #) to schedule a TMWA inspector during the on-site construction of the water facilities. Should inspection take place during a time other than normal business hours, additional fees will be required.

A TMWA inspector provides and produces the following:

  • Initial inspection
  • Punch list of incomplete items or actions required
  • Final inspection to ensure completion of punch list items
  • Locks out water meter setters
  • Accepts facilities
  • Upon completion of project, TMWA inspector will return as-builts to the PC
  • Conduct new facility quality control with TMWA’s Operations Department

Initiating Service

New applicants will continue to be known as the end-use customer until another customer applies for service turn-on with TMWA. To get a meter set, please call 775-834-8080. When backflow is required please call 775-834-8288. If you have deferred your Water System Facility (WSF) charges as part of a subdivision, contact your Project Coordinator (PC) to initiate meter sets.

Construction Water

Our Construction Water page offers information to make it simple to fill out an application, understand the construction water rules and rates, and find our construction water site locations.

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Rate Schedule

TMWA’s Board of Directors are in charge of setting our water rates. We’ve organized individual rate, fee and other charge schedules to be viewed and printed at your convenience.

View The Complete Rate Schedule

Construction & Design Standards

At TMWA, we proactively work with all new customers to provide them with the appropriate resources. This process is designed to make sure projects are completed successfully, and on time.

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AutoCAD Submission Requirements

This page provides a generic list of submission requirements for AutoCAD design files for the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA). These requirements apply in part to as‐built drawings, record drawings, planning drawings and general design work.

AutoCAD Submission Requirements

Water Resource Determination Request

By signing and submitting this Request for Water Resource Determination the Requestor (1) is responsible to pay TMWA the appropriate fees to research this request, which fees are payable in advance, (2) understands and acknowledges that the findings or results of the research for this request become part the public record for the afore referenced parcel and are available to others who may request water resource related information for the afore referenced parcel, and (3) understands and acknowledges that TMWA will forward this request and the findings or results of this request to the Owner of Record for the afore referenced parcel.

Request Form for Water Resource Determination

Fee Estimation Calculator

Estimate your water resource requirement and associated costs as well as any Water System Facilities (WSF) charges with our Fee Estimation Calculator.

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Demand Calculation Guide

We make it easy to estimate your maximum day water demands with our Demand Calculation Guide.

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