Landscape Design Themes

This section provides examples of different ways you can layout your landscaping to fit your lifestyle while using water responsibly. Design your yard to accommodate your needs and you will be happier in the end. Each of the tabs below offers a theme incorporating landscaping that complements our environment while being water efficient.

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Entertainment Landscape Theme

Cement curbing  is excellent for separating the grass from the shrubs and groundcovers in low water zones.



A patio in the front yard adds additional living space balanced with shrubs, ground cover and evergreens.



A contemporary spa design gives variety and style to the landscape. Plenty of large shade trees keep the surrounding areas cool during the summer heat.



A rear, wooden deck  provides additional living space as well as entertaining options.



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Gardening Landscape Theme

A stone path set in bark runs along the side of the house for easy access to the backyard.



A grapevine-covered entryway shades and accents the house.



A vegetable patch is a useful and challenging necessity for the aspiring gardener.



Raised planters for tomatoes and herbs contribute color and convenience.

Great Basin Landscape Theme

Groups of native desert plants (image 1) and areas of mountain region landscape create an attractive and easy-care setting.



Lawn areas can be substituted (image 2) with a wildflower meadow to reduce water usage and add color.



Wild and errant vegetation (image 3) is perfect along the fenceline, adding depth to the outskirts of the landscape.



Shrubbery and evergreens (image 4) with a rock retaining wall create an attractive yet low-maintenance entry to the Great Basin home.

Young Family Landscaping Theme

Plan enough lawn area for an active family, yet still easy to maintain and water.



Flowerbeds surrounded by creative hardscapes add vibrant color.



Planters skirting the edges of a lawn and a wooden deck are a unique way to expand the living area.



A swing set sits under ample shade ready for hours of family entertainment.