Lonicera species (Honeysuckle)

Honeysuckle — The honeysuckle is happy to scramble across ground or up a trellis or fence. It is evergreen in mild winters, and bears showy flowers June through frost. Best grown in full sun to partial shade (fewer flowers), well-drained soil and watered 1-2 times per week. (Plant 6 ft. on center)

  • L. x heckrottii ‘Gold Flame’ — 12-15 ft. wide; dark green leaves; pretty pink or yellow flowers from July-September
  • L. japonica ‘Halliana’ — 20 ft. wide; green or purple leaves; yellow and white fragrant flowers from June through frost
Category:  Groundcovers
Water Use:  Low
Sun Exposure:  Full Sun
Native:  No
Color:  Pink, yellow
Bees:  Yes
Birds:  Yes
Butterflies:  No
Cut Flower:  No
Utility Tree:  No
Extra Maintenance:  No
Fall Color:  No
Bloom Time:  Summer