Picea glauca var. albertiana ‘Conica’ (Dwarf Alberta Spruce)

A relative of the Colorado Spruce trees, it remains dwarf, only growing 8 ft. tall in 30 years. It may only grow from 3-6 ft. wide at maturity making it very adaptable to container growing and useful in very confined spaces. It requires a site protected from cold, dry winter winds which can burn the foliage severely. Grow in sun to shade, well-drained soil and water twice-a-week. MUST be watered monthly in dry winters.
P. g. ‘Montgomery’ — 5 ft. tall by 8 ft. wide; dwarf and slow growing; silver blue needles

Category:  Shrubs
Water Use:  Moderate
Sun Exposure:  Part Shade
Height x Spread:  8 ft. x 3-6 ft.
Native:  No
Bees:  No
Birds:  No
Butterflies:  No
Cut Flower:  No
Utility Tree:  No
Extra Maintenance:  Yes
Fall Color:  No
Bloom Time:  Spring