Polygonum species (Polygonum)

Members of this genus are very tolerant of adverse conditions; a number of species are in fact weeds in most gardens. The ornamental members discussed here are very fast growing and tolerate heat, drought, cold, wind and poor soils. They perform best in full sun, well-drained soil and areas that are watered once-a-week. Not bothered by rabbits, squirrels nor deer.

  • P. aubertii (Silver Lace Vine) — 20 ft. spread on fence or wall; white flowers in September (Plant 10 ft. on center)
  • P. reynoutria — 6 in. tall by 3 ft. wide; pink flowers in August (Plant 3 ft. on center)
Category:  Groundcovers
Water Use:  Low
Sun Exposure:  Full Sun
Native:  No
Color:  White, pink
Bees:  No
Birds:  Yes
Butterflies:  No
Cut Flower:  No
Utility Tree:  No
Extra Maintenance:  No
Soil:  Salt-tolerant
Fall Color:  No
Bloom Time:  Summer