Rosa species (Hardy Shrub Roses)

  • R. foetida ‘Bicolor’ (Austrian Copper Rose) — 5 ft. tall by 5 ft. wide; orange-yellow flowers on same plant from May-June; loves heat; good in dry zones
  • R. Harisonii (Harison’s Yellow) — 6-8 ft. tall by 6-8 ft. wide; yellow flowers from May-June; blooms in fall if sheared after spring bloom; good against fence or wall; came west with pioneers
  • R. rugosa (Sea Tomato) — 3-8 ft. tall and wide; flowers single or double, white, dark red or yellow; good as hedge, vigorous
  • R. spinosissima (Scotch Rose) — 3-4 ft. tall, width varies; white or pink flowers from May-June; suckering roots spread vigorously; good as bank cover
  • R. ‘Meidiland’ — 12 in. to 10 ft. tall, width varies; white, pink, coral, red or ivory flowers; use as groundcover, hedge, background, bank cover
  • R. woodsii (Woods Rose) — 6 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide; pink flowers, red rosehips; low water zones; native to the west
Category:  Shrubs
Water Use:  Moderate
Sun Exposure:  Full Sun
Height x Spread:  12 in. - 10 ft. x 3-8 ft.
Native:  No
Color:  Red, yellow, white, pink
Bees:  Yes
Birds:  Yes
Butterflies:  No
Cut flower:  No
Utility Tree:  No
Extra Maintenance:  No
Soil:  N/A
Fall Color:  No
Bloom Time:  Spring, summer