Water Rules Questions & Answers

Q: What are TMWA's Rules?

A: The Rules of the Authority govern how business is conducted by specifying:

  • Conditions under which water will be delivered.
  • Application requirements for people requesting to receive water from the Authority.
  • The procedure for a customer to discontinue receiving water.
  • Rights of the Authority to terminate delivery of water.
  • Circumstances and procedure to restore delivery of water.
  • Information to be furnished by the Authority regarding billing for payment for the delivery of water.
  • Procedures for estimation of bills and proration of bills.
  • Customer responsibility for payment of bill and procedures for adjustments.
  • Application process for developers or builders of projects that require new or modified water system facilities.
  • Cost responsibilities for new or modified facilities.
  • Definition of ownership and access to Authority facilities.
  • Water resources required to be dedicated to obtain a will-serve letter.
  • Dispute resolution procedure.
  • Retail and Wholesale service boundaries of the Authority

Q: Where can I find the TMWA Rules?

A: Current rules are available on our Water Rules page.