TMWA COVID-19 Coronavirus FAQs

Yes. TMWA’s water treatment and delivery system consists of two advanced water treatment facilities that are capable of treating and delivering up to 127 million gallons of drinking water per day. Our conventional water treatment process includes filtration and chlorination, and chlorination kills virus.  Water treated by TMWA meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and Washoe County Health District water quality standards. In most cases, our water is significantly better than these standards require. We continue to deliver safe, high-quality drinking water our customers expect.

TMWA’s emergency response and readiness plans are in place and we do not foresee any disruptions in the distribution of drinking water to our customers.  TMWA can distribute water from two water treatment facilities, both with treatment processes that include filtration and chlorination.  TMWA’s infrastructure is robust and redundant:  Chalk Bluff Water Treatment Plan can produce up to 90 million gallons per day, while Glendale Water Treatment Plant can produce an additional 37 million gallons per day when needed.  Groundwater supply from several separate groundwater aquifers are also available.

It is not necessary.  Your drinking water is safe to drink straight from the tap. Our community’s drinking water supplies meet or surpass drinking water standards.

COVID19 is primarily transmitted person-to-person – there is no indication that transmission can occur via drinking water supplies. TMWA’s drinking water is treated using a combination of filtration and chlorination, which are effective water treatment processes that remove contaminants from water. Chlorination, which is used throughout the water distribution systems, is extremely effective at destroying virus and microorganisms during the water treatment process and maintaining disinfection throughout the water system.

Social distancing is something that TMWA is practicing in order to keep customers and employees healthy.  If you need to pay your bill in person, we have added a drop box in the lobby at our main location at 1355 Corporate Blvd.  There is also a 24-hour drop box located outside the building. We encourage our customers to utilize the many ways available to pay your bill online, by phone or at grocery stores in the Reno/Sparks area.  All payment methods are listed here.

In order to provide uninterrupted water service to our customers, TMWA has a comprehensive emergency response and readiness plan to help maintain water system operations during natural disasters, community-wide illness, and other emergency situations.


With the uncertainty surrounding the current Coronavirus pandemic,  we at Truckee Meadows Water Authority want to ensure that all of our customers are able to follow the recommended hygienic protocols set forth by the medical experts. With that in mind, we have temporarily suspended water shut-offs due to an inability to pay. We encourage any of our customers that may be experiencing a hardship to contact us so that we are better able to work with them and help them through this time.

TMWA Customer Service can be reached at (775) 834-8080

Cloudy or milky water is caused by tiny air bubbles which becomes entrapped in the water, the bubbles will rise to the top and no longer be visible. This type of cloudiness can happen more in the winter, when the drinking water is cold, holds more air and is heated up in the plumbing. If you let the it settle for a minute, your water will become clear. While it might be unappealing to the eye, it is safe to drink.