Standards by Section

Updated in part, September 2016

The links below will allow for the download of an entire appendix of TMWA's Construction & Design Standards in AutoCAD 2000 or later.  Each link is a compressed zip file of either an entire appendix or a portion of, as listed.  Individual details can still be downloaded from the Construction & Design Standards page.

Sections 1 through 9 Sections 6 and 7 have been incorporated into Section 5. REVISED 02/2014

Appendix 10A, Backflow Prevention Assemblies REVISED: SEP-2016

Appendix 10B, Distribution Branch Installations

Appendix 10C, Distribution Transition Fittings

Appendix 10D, Distribution Tap Assemblies - 4" through 12"

Appendix 10E, Flush Assembly Installations REVISED: SEP-2016

Appendix 10F, Fire Protection Installations REVISED: SEP-2016

Appendix 10G, Horizontal Elbow Installations - NO LONGER IN USE

Appendix 10H, Service Tap Installations - 1" through 2"  REVISED: SEP-2016

Appendix 10I, Vertical Elbow Installations

Appendix 10J, Distribution Valves

Appendix 10K, Small Water Meters - 3/4" through 2" Includes details 10K-1 through 10K-9.

Appendix 10K, Small Water Meters - 3/4" through 2" Includes details 10K-10 through 10K-18.

Appendix 10L, Miscellaneous Water Details Includes details 10L-1 through 10L-13, with the exception of 10L-3. REVISED IN PART SEP-2016

Appendix 10M, Large Water Meters - 4" and larger - 4" ONLY.