Recommended Tree List

Right Tree, Right Place
Proper tree selection begins with choosing trees that are compatible with our climate and that will fit the space where they will be planted. Choosing the right tree ensures the long term health of that tree and of our region’s community forest. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right tree for a particular place including: soil type, drainage, available space, location of above- and below-ground utilities, mature height and spread, tree form, drought resistance, insect and disease resistance, as well as seasonal color. This tree list is your guide to choosing the right tree for the right place.

Collection of Trees

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Approved street trees for planting within the public right-of-way – Trees referenced as Street Trees from this list are approved for planting within the City of Reno rights-of way. Many of these trees are also included in the City of Sparks Urban Forester’s List of Recommended Tree Species. Permits are required for any trees to be planted within the public rights-of-way in Reno. The City of Sparks and Washoe County also require approval for any improvements within their designated public rights-of way.

Trees prohibited from planting within public rights-of-way – Some trees are prohibited from public rights-of-way because they have characteristics that create hazards. They may be weak-wooded trees that are prone to breakage, produce fruit or seeds that make sidewalks dangerous, or have invasive root systems that damage concrete and underground utilities.